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Yasin Köse was born in Istanbul in July, 1985. He has a childhood with a calm and observative character in the opposite of his little sister’s giddy naughtiness. He always had that weird feeling because of the reactions of other people saying «how beautiful is your daughter» thanks to a bunch of photographs taken by his mother with a hairpin on his hair. He is known with the inventions he has done in middle school ages as devices like alarm clocks, flashlights which has been created with the cables he has collected from telephone boxes plus 9W batteries.

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He always wanted to be a sportsman even though he has discovered his skill of painting and his will to be an artist in the years of highschool. However, since the life is cruel, he had to continue his education in electric and electronic technician faculty in Istanbul University. After his graduation from Istanbul University, he continued his plans in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in order to be an artist as a photographer. He has educated in photography and studio lighting. After all of these, he has crossed with Mert Kaptan. Mert obviously became a person who have boosted Yasin’s skill in photography and kept Yasin’s knowlegde fresh in this field. Yasin had decided to be a professional photographer right after his project with the fashion designer, Arzu Kaprol which also has been considered as his lucky period.He has conducted so many different projects within the last 7 years such as interactive art direction, concept design, fashion photography for Renault, Toms, Network, Fabrika, Arzu Kaprol and so many companies.

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In 2007, due to being not consistent in terms of deciding what to do after graduation, Yasin made his decision in joining the army to perform his mandatory military duty by leaving his family and friends behind. Within this period of time, he had lived in Izmir for a while in order to make a final decision about his carrier path. After his return to Istanbul, he has achieved all the plans in his mind one by one.

Yasin is still known with being the one who puts a great effort in order to explore all the details of photography, doing researches for learning further.In the eighteenth day of the eighth month of 2012 he has opened his very own studio with his two collegaues and is still working as a life and model photographer in a private company.