Margaux Roy 1Margaux Roy 2

Paris menşeli fotoğrafçı Margaux Roy, minimalist porjelerden hoşlanıyor. Şu anda Avustralya’da yaşayan sanatçı, oldukça sade fotoğraflarında yarattığı yoğun kavramsallık, görsel bir haz veriyor. Margaux sanatını şu sözlerle ifade ediyor:

Life” and “6 months” are series of my daily life photos that I publish regularly on my visual diary. I’m interested in focusing on simple details or situations of everyday life. I don’t think a lot when I take this kind of pictures. I’m driven by the colors, the pattern, the form, the instant. The meaning comes later, sometimes months later ! I think it might be a way of taking photos representative of a kind “tumblr generation” : images connected without narrative link. I shot the serie “Wahed” in Tunisia, last year. I focused a lot on fabrics, patterns and a seen/hidden play. I let my unconscious speak for me. I have a family background in this country but I don’t know a lot about it. On my photos, there are traces of life, but we don’t know more about the stories. ” Who is behind the scarf ? Why this plant is dying ? Whose clothes are these ? Where do the stairs end up ?” Sometimes, when you search for family stories, you ask for a lot of details, but nobody has informations…