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Arkadaşlarının kıvrılmış bedenlerine makyaj yaparak garip görünen karakterler yaratan Ana Hell ‘in rahatsız edici dostları evin herhangi bir yerinden karşınıza çıkabilir. Hell, alışılmadık pozisyonlardaki karakterleri şu sözlerle anlatıyor:

“I’m a Spanish artist with a background in illustration and I’m fond of cartoons and passionate about absurdity and surrealism. My main focus in art and in photography is to work with what is around me and transform it to reveal another perspective. Lately I shy away from fancy equipment and studios, I try to keep it light and raw to make the viewer feel a lot closer to the subject. It happened really spontaneously during a creative shoot in which I was working on creating body postures that created an illusion that would be mind bending. In one of the positions it just clicked, I had a ‘Eureka’ moment and told my model to stay put and ran and grabbed an eyeliner and drew two circles on the creature’s new face. That was the birth of Secret Friends.”

Secret Friends