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Onu Öldür, Beni Güldür / Ali Elmacı
“Onu Öldür, Beni Güldür” sergisindeki fantastik sahnelerde, bal yapan eşek arılarına, abaküse takılmış kurukafalara, bağırsak şeklindeki sarıklara ve gözünü izleyiciye dikmiş huzursuz çocuklara rastlıyoruz. Çekici olanla iticiyi, samimi olanla tehditkarı, doğalla yapayı, kutsalla kitsch'i bir arada seyrederken hangisine inanacağımızı şaşırıyoruz.
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Never Too Much Based Tag

30 Jun

Never Too Much Basic SS19

NTMB presents first, opening chapter of the SS19 collection, totally inspired by the "Divine Comedy" written by Dante Alighieri. It will be proposed, item after item, the stages of the journey undertaken by the Supreme Poet through the three dimension of the afterlife: from the bottom of the Hell to the Rose of Paradise, portraying the emblematic perspective of his adventure with the contemporary point of view of NTMB. The Naples-based collective has been customizing denim pieces for Faith Connexion. Last year, they brought their particular brand of whimsical graffiti and appliqués to Wrangler, lavishing a jacket with feather-like embellishments. Earlier this year, they worked with the childrenswear brand Coccole e Bimbi on a charity project. For Spring 2019 the duo—a couple in denim and in life—is...
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