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Felipe Posada is a Visual Artist, Motion Designer and Creative Director based in Brooklyn NYC.

His artistic journey began in 2004, producing his first pieces between 2005 and 2008. However It was only in 2015, after a decade of working in the fast paced world of branding and advertising, and impulsed by a personal calling, that he took a step back and decided to focus on his artwork. More mature and experienced, and with the keen eye of a Creative Director, Felipe went back into exploring collage as an avenue of visual communication. With a lifetime of ideas and concepts stored within, he began the process of creating a substantial body of work based on his own impressions of reality, guided by his intuition and aesthetic sensibility. Since then, he continues to create conceptual art utilizing both analog and digital methods. The results are compositions rich in symbolism and hidden meaning which he outputs as large scale prints. In his short career as an artist Felipe has already been referred to as Dali 2.0 and modern day Bosch… compliments that are hard to live up to, so he takes them very seriously. You can follow Felipe’s journey on Instagram at: the_invisible_realm

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Artist Statement

“My artwork is a journey through the invisible realm:a dimension where conventional laws of physics have no ruling effect, and thoughts with true intent take visual form.Through my work I visit and revisit concepts that have fascinated me, scared me and intrigued me since I was a child. The result, often unpredictable, are compositions filled with symbolism and hidden meaning. Topics such as alchemy, metaphysics, mythology, space exploration, astrology, sacred geometry, anthroposophy, the human psyche can often be found in my artwork mixed with the inevitable influence of pop culture that engulfs us.”