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“Onu Öldür, Beni Güldür” sergisindeki fantastik sahnelerde, bal yapan eşek arılarına, abaküse takılmış kurukafalara, bağırsak şeklindeki sarıklara ve gözünü izleyiciye dikmiş huzursuz çocuklara rastlıyoruz. Çekici olanla iticiyi, samimi olanla tehditkarı, doğalla yapayı, kutsalla kitsch'i bir arada seyrederken hangisine inanacağımızı şaşırıyoruz.
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2 Oct

Pornceptual By Chris Phillips, Raquel Fedato, Emre Saglam

Pornceptual by Emre Sağlam

We have interviewed the team of Pornceptual about their art project… Where everybody looks alike and acts alike, and we’re getting more and more that way; they’ve created something exceptional. We wanted to learn more about it… and here’s what they think about explicit sexual content and art, and then everybody will probably be thinking alike; that seems to be what is happening.

From your perspective, what’s the core concept of pornceptual?

Pornceptual is an art project that wants to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered art. It started as an online gallery for erotic art and then became a platform for people to express sexually in a creative way. We now publish the work of professional or upcoming artists in the main section of the website, also encouraging anyone to take arty naked self- portraits, even if they only have a bad digital camera. We believe that art (and sex) should be an open experience. This is also a way of creating new possibilities of representation of the human body. The usual body representations in commercial pornography or in even most works of what is described as “erotic art” are very limited. It is beautiful when people become proud of their body and start seeing it as an artwork.

It seems there are three different chapters in Pornceptual’s structure and they’re derived by three personas from a variety of intellectual fields. Who’s the team and what’s the main goal of this study?

Pornceptual II

Three people compose our organizing team: Chris Phillips, Raquel Fedato and Emre Saglam. 

Chris is the CEO and Creative Director of Pornceptual. Originally from Brasilia, he started taking pictures as a child and since then photography has been an essential part of his life. After attending an Anthropology course in the University of Brasilia, he developed a taste for the different, seeking in the unusual a way of shaking the cultural patters that most people take for granted and swallows without questioning. His challenge as a photographer is similar to his as an anthropologist: seeing the world that we live with unexpected lens.

Raquel is our PR- and Events Manager and also Chief of Operations. Born in 1993, she was raised in São Paulo but grew up between two cultures: Brazilian and German. After turning eighteen, Raquel moved to Berlin for her Economics studies at Humboldt Universität. With a strong background on events and administration, she worked for SoundCloud and Airbnb. Through Pornceptual she found a way of combining her three biggest passions: art, parties and management.

And to complete our team, Emre is our Unicorn, an Istanbulite who double majored in Communication Design and Cinema with a minor in Sociology. He has published two articles in the New Directions of Turkish Cinema Conference Series funded by UNESCO. Currently, Emre is Master of Fine Arts candidate at Bauhaus University, studying Public Art and New Artistic Strategies with DAAD artist scholarship.

Concerning the concept, our main goal is to invite people to masturbate with their eyes. Pornceptual is a open space for everyone that’s interested in facing the real and sexual side of the human body. 

Far from being based on social acceptable concepts, we are looking to find original meanings to what does sexuality and pornography mean. We believe it’s time for people to expand their sexual horizons and get away from the conventional menu of western society.

In varying degrees, a person’s expression embodies self-identification, the owner’s reflection or mediation of the personal. So, where do you see youself in this occurrence? What do you want? Is your project to instruct the viewer, or else?

Pornographic is not about self-identification, it’s about interaction. It does indeed affect how we perceive ourselves (as sexually active and gendered beings) and our self-representations, but those meanings are not individual identifications – they are codes shared by a culture. As Pornceptual, we are not trying to instruct the viewer, but exactly the opposite. We are questioning these usual representations and inviting the audience to be more participative and reflexive about pornography.

Pornceptual IV

Is there anyone who you’d like to introduce to us?

We would like to introduce you to our favorite and residente DJ, Projekt Gestalten.

Berlin-based Brazilian, Diego Garcia can definitely be described as an universal media artist. His alias is simply called Projekt Gestalten and combines various forms of digital media art. In his creations, he mixes highly abstract video art and graphic work with an aggressive approach of techno that can sometimes even detour into electronica, house and ambiental music. And here goes a taste of his music orgy at our 1 Year Anniversary party that you can listen below.



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