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I convey and connect with the world and the one individual alike, because I am my work; and as with any masterpiece, that connection lives in the unconventional void – where authenticity cannot be barred by limitation, and catharsis cannot be marred by sterile sanity. I lives in my work – it is in that shared space where I feel, and it is in that shared experience where life is present.

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As an artist: I blend the most abstractly familiar elements of life – love, envy, wealth, wrath, perception, desire, greed, necessity, lust, identity, indulgence, ideals, ego, morals, said bankruptcy, and fears – with the rawest veneer of famous faces. My pieces are pastiches – whole in­and­of themselves but even more so in context of one another. Pop & Politics are alive and well­contented bedfellows in this world. The personal space stands as the pre­eminent public place of judgment. Shadows dance in rigid rhythmic formation with neon strobes. The entire world coalesces into a kaleidoscopic cultural landscape… where we are presented with our own selves from before the mass­mediated mirror of Pop life.

Kndrick Daye 2

My work is arduous. It is bright. It is delusional. It is hidden in prismatic view. It is seeing roses through Reagan­colored sunglasses. It is waking up to the first Pink Friday after Sunday mourning. It is the scene sweet­tooth before and beneath the staid urban decay. It is everything in one place, in distorted focus, for no other reason than for you to see it; because we’ve been blinded by the guided light, because we need to throw shade if only to stargaze again.

Kendrick Daye 5

My art lives, loves, laughs, lauds, lambastes, legislates, and promulgates on behalf of true Pop. It unravels the American tapestry because we were wound too tightly; it dims the lights because they blind so brightly; it hearkens to the dawn though it heralds nightly; and all it takes is a liberated lid to refresh the mind and see what I see: if you want to see a sad boy shine – pay him; if you want to see a sad boy smile – pay attention.

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